recherche la lune ,l 'ancêtre de ma bécanne

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recherche la lune ,l 'ancêtre de ma bécanne Empty recherche la lune ,l 'ancêtre de ma bécanne

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mono diesel Razz

Motorcycle production for the military never again saw the levels
of the 1940s. Military versions of the smaller Sportster®️ model were
produced in the 1960s, and saw both police and military service in
nations including Vietnam and Indonesia.
Harley-Davidson’s final military motorcycles were the MT-
500 and lesser-known MT-350E. The MT-350E was produced in
the 1980s by Armstrong-CCM Motorcycles. When H-D acquired
Armstrong’s military division, the MT-500 was already in
production. It originally saw action in the Falkland Islands
conflict (between Great Britain and Argentina), but later was
built strictly for the militaries of Canada and Jordan.
With the peace that followed World War II, Harley-Davidson
produced the rarer XLA (military Sportster) and more WLA
models, and in more recent years, the MT-350 and MT-500,
military motorcycles produced intandem with the Rotax Company.
During the post-World War II years,the Capitol Drive and York factories
produced bomb casings and casinglugs on through the Persian Gulf
war. Production of Harley-Davidsonmilitary motorcycles ended with
the discontinuation of the MT motorcycles in 1998.
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